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My anxiety and racing thoughts will not leave me alone. They make me depress and they make my eating disorder voice so much louder.

I just hate it so much…I want this anxiety to be gone and stop the screaming in my head.

My mom is picking up my medicine on her way home from work. I’m literally so happy right now.

I think I’m going to like my Public Speaking class. My professor is so sweet and she’s so adorable like I love her already.

Well onto my 3 classes tomorrow: Psychology, College Math, and English 102 - Research Paper

Yeah I’m nervous as fuck for my Math class…


don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you

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This disease
does not fit
a particular size.

This disease
is not determined
by the width
of your thighs.

It is not always the girl
who, to you, appears
to be
“too thin.”

It is not always the girl
who’s bones are trying
to escape
her skin.

It is occasionally
the girl
who’s thighs do meet.

A curvy girl,
who is
afraid to eat.

It is not always
the girl
on a magazine cover.

It is more often
a friend,
a sibling,
a lover

It is more often
the girl
you sit beside
in school

It is not always
the girls
who wear a bikini
to the pool.

This disease
is not a fashion statement.
This disease
does not hold
any stereotypical placement.

This disease
is a hell
that I am trying
to escape.

This disease
is not only prone
to those of a certain

This disease
knows no particular

This disease
is not desirable,
but there is no
“return to sender.”

This disease
was not a choice.

This disease
stole my voice.

So fuck your triggers,
and your “anamia”

And fuck all of your
ignorant dialogue.

This disease stole
the brightness in my eyes.

This disease stole
everything that once shined.

So if you want this disease,
you can fucking have mine.

But this disease
is not the answer.

This disease
is just as deadly
as any kind of cancer.

This disease
is not a cry
for attention
or an

This disease
stole my life
and I am stealing it

- Would you treat cancer like a fashion statement? // Sydney Nastasi (via sail0rx)

(via mxsxlf)