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I look to my right
I look to my left
I look in front
I look to the back
No one is there
It’s just me and the fog of smoky gray.


The 1975 | She Way Out

I’d like to say you’ve changed but you’re always the same
I’ve got a feeling that the marijuana’s rotting your brain


All The Time | The Strokes

You’re living a lie
Baby you’re flying too high

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The Orwells Who Needs You

You better toss your bullets
You better hide your guns
You better help the children
Let em’ have some fun
You better count your blessings
Kiss ya mom and pa
You better burn that flag
Cause, it ain’t against the law


My last forum post for my Honors Sociology 101 class is maybe the most difficult. Even though my professor was extremely helpful today in class by discussing the article and the characterization of the piece, it’s still hard to compose a mini essay without it sounding like a summary.

I will say this though the Honors Program at my college has really improve my writing skills and help me compose papers/essays. Not to mention my professors are the most helpful professors I had so far.