Scoperto La Vita

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Anonymous: awh come on, you have to admit she's right. i love one direction but it does sound a lot like nfg's song


Oh yeah i know they sound alike but have u heard faithfully by journey?? Its almost the SAME piano part at the beginning , why her bf s out there saying 1d reworked the piano part of their song if they did the same. It’s annoying that’s all i think.

Anonymous: What did Hayley Williams say????


She said the beginning of Steal My Girl sounded a lot like the beginning of the song “It’s Not Your Fault” by New Found Glory, from an album that came out 8 years ago..


But if she’s goin by that why didn’t she point out that the New Found Glory’s beat sounded a lot like Faithfully by Journey or The Winner Takes It All by ABBA?